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Parents and caregivers will love our selections of the best Nintendo DS games for kids and families...

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Top 10 Wii Games

A parent's guide to top games for their kids: Our selections of the best Nintendo Wii games for kids and families...

Best Video Game System: Buyer's Guide

In order to help you decide which video game system to buy for your family, we take a closer look at the three most popular video game consoles: PlayStation 3, XBox 360, and Nintendo Wii. Buyer's Guide: Which Video Game Console?

Computer Game Review

Children gradually learn baseball basics as they take part in a Charlie Brown adventure. While children are able to dive right into the baseball game, the story mode of It's the Big Game, Charlie Brown! is more satisfying. It's the Big Game, Charlie Brown! Computer Game Review

Nintendo Wii Game Review

The delivery of Big Brain Academy, essentially a sequel to the handheld Nintendo games for the Wii, is simple yet appealing as a family or party game. It's not going to truly build young brains, but children are required to think as they play. Big Brain Academy for the Wii Game Review

Feature Review:

Review: Gary Gadget: Building Cars CD-ROM

Creative experimentation is what sets this game for aspiring young mechanics apart...
Gary Gadget Building Cars Review

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Feature Review:

Blue's Clues has gone through some transitions from its early days with Steve, to a new host Joe, and then on to Blue's Room in which the little Blue gets a voice and a whole new look. Blue's Biggest Stories commemorates and chronicles favorite (and pivotal) episodes in the series for preschoolers...
Blue's Biggest Stories Review

Review: Baby Software

A fresh software game designed for babies and toddlers...
Giggles: Shapes Review


Top Selling Children's Software - Updated Hourly (paid link)

Learn to Read Software

Review: JumpStart Reading with Karaoke

Top Pick This all-new JumpStart computer game is educationally valuable and uniquely entertaining...
Jump Start Reading Review

See also: More pictures from the game 

Feature Software Review:

Spanish SoftwareEazySpeak Spanish

In the wacky cartoon world of Doki, children and adults learn Spanish intuitively as they visit different parts of the Doki city...
Eazy Speak Spanish Review


Neo pets toys plushiesNeopets!

The addictive online "virtual pet" community, Neopets, is so popular that a movie is in the works. There's plenty to do at the site, and best of all, it's free! We show you what has to offer kids.
All About Neopets

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The Year's Best Children's Products

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Children's Storybook ClassicsChildren's Storybook Classics on DVD and Video

Storytelling at its finest: kids can enjoy treasured storybook classics on video and DVD, such as The Velveteen Rabbit, Where the Wild Things Are, and more.
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Chess for Kids

The age-old game of chess is mathematical, logical, and simply excellent for developing children's abilities to plan ahead. We look at software that helps children learn chess and improve their game...
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Learning on the GoLearning on the Go

We take a look at portable electronic toys that actually teach and reinforce fundamental curriculum. 
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Buyer's Guide: Tassimo or Keurig? (Single-serve coffee brewing systems)

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Our All-Time Favorite Educational Software Game for Kids

It was first released in 1996, and the original CD-ROM spawned sequels, yet this game remains our favorite educational software game. Can you guess what it is?...
Best Educational Computer Game

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When you're looking to add some variety to your children's software collection, but hesitant about spending too much money, software bundles may be the answer...
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