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  Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus: Movie Review & Pictures


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Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

Barbie Pegasus movie pictureWe've enjoyed the computer-animated Barbie direct-to-video movies to date, and Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus didn't disappoint. In fact, it kept our (rapt) attention from the moment it started until the final scene. Set for release on September 20th, Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus stars Barbie as Princess Annika. This title is the latest installment of the popular Princess line of Barbie videos released every fall. (The newest Fairy line launched in the spring, and a new title in that series (Mermaidia) is set for release in Spring 2006).

The DVD edition features two ways to view the movie: kids can watch the 3D version of the movie with their 3D glasses (4 glasses are included in the DVD package). Fifteen minutes of the movie are dedicated to 3D scenes. Kids get their cue to put on and take off their glasses from the appearance of Shiver, the polar bear cub who stars in the movie, in the corner of the screen. Viewers can also select to watch the movie the traditional way -- 2D. 

Barbie, in her incarnation as Annika, is a sheltered princess whose royal parents are the biggest worrywarts of all. They panic when she is "missing" (which generally translates to her gone skating), and finally forbid her from skating at all. Annika feels shortchanged, especially since it is her birthday. She talks to her polar bear cub, Shiver, and makes a decision to sneak out to the skating rink in the village. Shiver is a sweet little polar bear cub who mostly gets Annika into trouble, but always innocently.

The inevitable happens when Annika sneaks out to the village skating rink. The evil Whenlock appears and announces that he is Annika's future husband. Annika's parents, the King and Queen, discover she is missing and appear. The King faces off with Whenlock, and it is revealed that Annika had a sister she never knew about, who Whenlock had turned into a winged horse. Whenlock turns the King, Queen, and the villagers to stone, announcing that he will give Annnika only three days before the spell becomes unbreakable.

Barbie as Annika with AidanA winged horse named Brietta swoops in and scoops up Annika, taking her to the Cloud Kingdom. Annika learns that Whenlock is in possession of a powerful (and stolen) wand, and that there is only wand more powerful than it--the Wand of Light, which doesn't even exist. The Cloud Queen tells her how the Wand of Light can be built--it requires three things: a ring of love, a measure of courage, and a gem of ice lit by hope's eternal flame.

Annika is determined to build the wand. She must begin her adventure in the deepest darkest part of the Forbidden Forest. Brietta, Shiver, and a handsome young man named Aidan, accompany the brave and optimistic Annika.

The 3D scenes include spectacular flying sequences, as well as a humorous meeting with a giant named Olly who thinks Annika and Shiver are his lunch. 

The movie is tasteful--it's intriguing and suspenseful without too much focus on evil. Kid testers were riveted.

The DVD, as noted above, features both the traditional, 2D version and the 3D version of the movie on the same disc. Extras include fun, interactive games. Four 3D glasses are included in the DVD packaging. 

Rating: A


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