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Article:    Finding Nemo - the Movie, Software Reviews

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Eye-popping visuals and hilarious fun for the whole family--Disney/Pixar's latest feature film, Finding Nemo, is really quite spectacular. It's not without its sad and frightening moments, though. In fact, the plot of the movie is based on the opening tragedy in which Marlin and his wife (a clownfish couple) are excited expectant parents when a shark kills Marlin's wife. Of all the eggs, Nemo is the sole survivor; and, of course, Marlin is an over-protective father to the sweet little fish. Marlin's fears are realized when Nemo is captured by a fishing net. Although Marlin is a fearful clownfish, he braves the big scary ocean to find his son, with plenty of help from a very forgetful fish friend he meets along the way, Dory.

Searching for Nemo
Searching for Nemo
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Finding Nemo is teeming with warmth and humor, the latter served up in large portions by Dory, who is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. For most kids who have seen the movie, some of the most memorable segments were scenes in which Dory speaks "whale". Dory and Marlin are a delightful odd couple, with their differences best summed up in a scene in which they are caught in a whale--Marlin exclaims, "it's half full!" and Dory sees it as half empty, a fun twist on the glass half full/half empty concept. 

Apart from the initial tragedy (why do lead characters in so many Disney films have parents who die?), Finding Nemo is an exceptionally entertaining, dazzling, and memorable movie.



Finding Nemo on DVD/VHS


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~~Finding Nemo Software Games~~

Two software programs based on the movie have been released by THQ, and they are both very noteworthy. Software movie tie-ins don't have the best of reputations, but Finding Nemo (better for ages 7-9) and Finding Nemo: Nemo's Underwater World of Fun (best for ages 5-8) are CD-ROMs with considerable merit.

cover Finding Nemo features parallel story lines that allow kids to participate in both the adventures of Nemo in the fish tank and the adventures of Marlin and Dory as they brave the ocean in search of the little clownfish. Puzzles, obstacle courses, and scavenger hunts are featured in this entertaining CD-ROM. Plenty of movie clips are included, and these will certainly keep children entertained, at least before the video and DVD come out. They also add context for the challenges of the game, making the program equally as appropriate for children who have seen the movie and those who haven't. See our full review here.

coverFinding Nemo: Nemo's Underwater World of Fun doesn't include games that are ground-breaking or anything of the sort, but the program is very enjoyable. Beautiful music and entertaining sequences help spruce up the fun in this game that is better for kids ages 5-8. Children earn movie clips and other rewards as they play, and they solve simple puzzles. Dory hosts two activities, both of which are memory games! Of course, the forgetful fish needs plenty of help from kids.


~~Finding Nemo Books and Toys~~

Plenty of books are now available: read-along storybooks, sticker books, and similar. Naturally, toys based on the movie are available in scores as well. 

Some of the more notable Nemo products available include: Leap 1 Book: Finding Nemo (for owners of the LeapPad learning system); the adorable plush, Finding Nemo Basic Plush: Nemo; a plush toy in the form of Squirt, an especially cute little supporting character, Nemo Feature Plush: Surfer Talkin' Squirt; and a colorful sticker book by Dorling Kindersley, Finding Nemo Sticker Book.













  Leap 1 Book: Finding Nemo



Finding Nemo Basic Plush: Nemo


Nemo Feature Plush: Surfer Talkin' Squirt


Finding Nemo Sticker Book








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