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EazySpeak Spanish Levels 1 & 2

PC Software: Eazy Speak Spanish (Levels 1 & 2)
Children's Language Learning Computer Game for the PC

By Kutoka

For Windows & Mac (hybrid)

Our Recommended Age: Ages 10-up

Our Rating: A

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In the wacky cartoon world of Doki, children and adults learn Spanish intuitively as they visit different parts of the Doki city. At the supermarket, they boost their vocabulary words in Spanish as a cashier names each product on the belt. Users order dinner step by step at the restaurant, reserve a hotel room and a flight, replace body parts at the hotel, and more.

A few things set this title apart. One is its humor (sometimes irreverent), another is its large content, and yet another is its mish-mash approach. Instead of following lessons, kids pick and choose where they want to go. In each area, there is at least one lesson of sorts in which children follow a mini story that introduces the vocabulary for the area. Games and question-and-answer quizzes help to test, reinforce, and expand the main lesson. At any time, users can refer to the interactive dictionary for help or extra reinforcement.

At different points in the program, kids might have to answer questions by typing responses. Those who want to practice speech can use a microphone to repeat Spanish vocabulary words and hear them played back. A microphone, however, is not necessary to enjoy and learn from the program.

Level One features simple phrases and words, such as vocabulary used when saying hello. On level two, more advanced language is used. Players learn sentences used for asking for help, complaining (!), talking about daily activities, checking in to a hotel, and talking about the past, present, and future.

Although kids will most certainly enjoy this program, there are a few elements that are designed for adults. For example, one of the stops in Doki City is a bar, where players become customers who order alcoholic beverages. At the clothing store, Doki characters try on clothes, and they start off naked save for some leaves covering their private parts. A male Doki character asks a female for his underpants. When players enter an answer correctly in a game in the same clothing store, a character's leaf (that's covering his private parts) spins and dances. When the entered word is incorrect, his leaf falls and his hands cover himself up as he blushes. Of course, young testers got a huge kick out of this feature!

Also note that the vocabulary is geared toward travelers.

The program is impressively unique and fresh. It's unusual, no doubt, and this keeps kids (and adults) playing the game.


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For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Eazyspeak Spanish Levels 1 and 2 (PC & Mac) (affiliate link)

Reviewed: June 2005

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