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Children's Book Review:    Take a Tree Walk

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What's a "tree walk"? It's an adventure you take to find and identify trees, explains Jane Kirkland, author of Take a Tree Walk and Take a Backyard Bird Walk

This unique book is an exciting invitation to explore trees, whether they're in the backyard, the park, or the schoolyard. Take a Tree Walk is a fantastic handbook that is designed to be toted along on a walking adventure. There are lists of items to bring, spaces to draw a neighborhood map, ready-to-fill lists of trees kids know about, "tree notes" and "field notes" blanks, and so forth.  Also filling the book's pages are plenty of pictures, diagrams, reference pages, and FAQs about trees! Everything is here for kids to plan and take a fascinating and well-informed nature walk.

Nature-loving kids will thoroughly enjoy this inspiring and informative book. It helps children appreciate the beauty and wonder of trees, seeds, fruits, and leaves. Kids will learn why leaves fall, how to identify trees and leaves, how to refine their observational skills, and more with this interactive handbook. 

By Jane Kirkland with Dorothy Burke and Melanie Palaisa. 


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Published: 2002 By: Stillwater Publishing Ages 8-up  


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Reviewed November 2002   Comments? Email us.

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