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Children's Software Review:   Disney: Piglet's Big Game

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This software is so very promising! Its main flaw, however, is that the adventure is brief. For younger preschoolers, however, this game makes a great introduction to exploration-style adventure games. Instead of presenting a number of activities accessible from a main screen, children participate in a storyline. They are in charge of finding ingredients for a Very Large Soup, and they need to use their thinking caps in order to obtain all that is needed.

For example, Piglet needs to find Pooh, who is responsible for the honey. When he stumbles upon him, he finds Pooh in a predicament. Pooh has dug a very large hole in front of his home (a trap, you see, for the elusive Heffalumps), and he is pondering, as Pooh often does, how to get back into his home. Players need to find something that would form a good bridge for Pooh, and if they have visited Eeyore, they might have noticed a large plank over a pond. Once kids have used the plank so that Pooh's home becomes accessible, Pooh knocks over his honey pots. Children need to put the pieces of the honey pot back together. But what about honey? The pot is empty. It just so happens, however, that Tigger is looking for a pot to collect honey from a beehive. 

The game is filled with plenty of humor. Owl's bookish personality comes shining through on this CD-ROM, for example. His spices are in "considerable disarray" ... er, they're all "mixed up". Kids need to organize them alphabetically. Owl provides interesting information about each spice. Children participate in a painting activity that involves color mixing that seems endless--some very interesting shades of color can be produced! 

Scattered throughout the game are pressure-free brain teasers. Children may not even know they are in fact puzzles. 

Kanga and Roo fans will be disappointed - they are sadly missing from the game. Piglet does have to collect milk from them, but they are not around when he gets there. 

This program is surprisingly fun. We love the exploration theme, but we were disappointed that the whole experience was so brief! The next time through, there are tiny differences, but not much. Still, for young children who are easily overwhelmed with too-challenging adventure games, Piglet's Big Game is a very doable and charming, if brief, program.

See more screenshots and comments in our screenshot gallery of the game.

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  • Charming adventure-style program.
  • Lots of humor and pressure-free activities.
  • Excellent program for preschoolers.


  • A fun experience while it lasts, but it doesn't last long.



For Win/Mac By: Disney Interactive  Ages 3-6 Published: 2003







  • See more screenshots from the game here.




Piglet's Big Movie (VHS) and Piglet's Big Movie (DVD) 


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