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Kids meet up with Dora and Boots in front of the animal rescue center. They would like to help Diego find lost animals after a big storm 


This is the Rainforest Canopy Habitat, where kids search for hidden animals like the squirrel monkey and macaw.


Children match nocturnal animals, such as the tapir, in this activity. They use a special explorer star, Glowy, to see in the dark.


This is a fun activity in which kids lead Dora up a tree to rescue an animal. They make Dora crawl like a snake, hop like a frog, climb like a spider, and so forth in order for her to get to the animal... 


...and they watch a little rescue video clip when they succeed! 


Kids feed the animals certain quantities of food, paying attention to their thought bubbles.



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For Windows/Mac By: Atari  Ages 3-5 Published: 2003



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