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Video/DVD Review:    Potty Power

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Children's Video/DVD Review: Potty Power


Released: 2004

Reviewed: October 2004

Our Recommended Age: 2-4

Our Rating: A






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Designed for boys and girls, this potty training "support system" does a good job of not only encouraging kids to use the potty, but also to wash their hands and wipe properly. 


The video features upbeat music, a friendly host, and plenty of toddlers and preschoolers to make young kids feel right at home. Most notable about the video, besides its positive attitude, is its question and answer format. Young viewers are asked questions, and this simple "design" is actually admirably educationally valuable. Children don't just watch the video and absorb information...they think. For example, the "Baby or Big Kid" segment has children discerning whether activities are things babies or big kids do. Who needs help to eat their dinner? Who can color all by themselves. And, of course: Who can go potty all by themselves?


Songs include "Wipe Your Bottom", "Wash Your Hands", and "Proud to Wear My Underwear". Bottom-wiping is demonstrated on a teddy bear, and a helpful suggestion for hand-washing involves singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for the duration. This lets kids know when they are finished, and is helpful because young children don't yet understand concepts like "Wash your hands for one minute". A story of "The Princess and the Potty" is also included.


The question-answer format of Potty Power is surprisingly refreshing, as children work their predictive skills and think about the answers. Potty Power is positive and encouraging, and is most appropriate for children learning to "go potty" ages 3 and up. 


Our Rating:




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Reviewed October 2004
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