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Video/DVD Review:    Sesame Street: Learning About Letters

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Children's Video/DVD Review: Sesame Street: Learning About Letters

DVD Released: 2004

Reviewed: July 2004

Our Recommended Age: 1-up

Our Rating: A+








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If you're one of those parents who sometimes wishes there were more alphabet vignettes on the Sesame Street show, you'll love this classic. Sesame Street: Learning About Letters is entirely devoted to reinforcing letter recognition in the humorous, varied, and creative way that Sesame Street does best. Big Bird and Snuffy are ready to learn about letters. Snuffy is especially excited because they're about to go through the whole alphabet, and even a few words! Snuffy's keenness helps inspire enthusiasm for learning about letters and words—ideally, the positive attitude transfers over to little viewers.


Children begin learning about the wonderful—and useful—alphabet with...the alphabet song, of course! This version is an especially lively one featuring guest Lena Horne. Telly appears throughout the video. True to his fretful character, Telly is nervous because they have to cover the whole alphabet. He's busy finding objects that start with each letter—B is for balloons, C is for cow, and so forth. 


Some of Sesame Street's treasured vignettes are featured. The inimitable Cookie Monster sings the infectious, C is For Cookie, for example. Frances Fairy lets children know that "F" can be fun, fast, and flat. The classic "La La La" song in which Ernie wants to sing about lovely "L" words and Bert, whose interests can only be considered dull at best, doesn't quite get it ("L" is for linoleum"!). Kermit the Frog draws on the screen to demonstrate, with humor and effectiveness, the letter "M"—a rather complicated letter for young people to form! 


Children will love this video, from A to Z, and parents will appreciate the focused educational content. The theatrical release date of Letters was 1969, but we all know that Sesame Street never goes out of style. Now, both the VHS and DVD editions are available. 


Another companion video classic now released on DVD is Sesame Street - Learning About Numbers, hosted by the Count, of course!



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Reviewed July 2004
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To Buy this Video/DVD:

Buy: Sesame Street - Learning About Letters (VHS) or Sesame Street - Learning About Letters (DVD) 

Buy: Sesame Street: Learning About Letters (VHS) or Sesame Street: Learning About Letters (DVD) 





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Sesame Street Numbers
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