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Video Game  Review:    Spyro 2: Season of Flame for GameBoy Advance

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This sequel to the popular Spyro Season of Ice released last year is an improved and enjoyable game for the GameBoy Advance. In Spyro 2: Season of Flame, all is not well in the Dragon Realms. The Rhynocs are stealing fireflies, which effectively turns the dragons' flames into ice--even Spyro is breathing ice!

In his search for fireflies, gems, and fiery lands, the purple dragon (accompanied by his sidekick, Sparx) glides, hovers, and charges his way through numerous challenging levels. New worlds, accessed through portals, must be unlocked, which generally requires collecting a required number of fireflies in the current level. Dragonflies are sometimes hidden, sometimes right out in the open, and other times must be earned. Even though Spyro can't use his trademark fire breath at first, his ice-blowing breath can freeze the fireflies for easy capture--and it is powerful indeed in the face of enemies. As always, Sparx is Spyro's faithful companion as he acts as a health meter.

This sequel adds two additional playable characters--Agent 9 the monkey and Sheila the Kangaroo--to the mix, which in turn adds variety to gameplay.

The graphics of the game are strong--quite crisp and clear. A very handy Atlas can be accessed, giving players a nice overview of the places they've been and need to be; and maps of the various worlds serve a similar purpose on a smaller scale. 

Rated E for Everyone (ages 6-up). 

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  • Easy to learn, even for those players new to Spyro games.
  • Strong graphics.
  • Appropriate difficulty level for kids (approximately ages 8 and up)


  • Mini-games somewhat predictable.
  • Too short of an adventure for experienced players.


For Nintendo Gameboy Advance By: Universal  Ages: 8-up  Published: 2002




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Reviewed November 2002                                                                                                 Comments? Email us.

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