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Video Game  Review:   Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite for GameBoy Color

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The mission? To help Hamtaro find all the Ham-Hams and bring them back to the Clubhouse for Boss. In order to find them, Boss has told Hamtaro to use Ham-Chat, a secret Ham-Ham language, to help him round up the Ham-Hams. 

Based on the popular new cartoon, this much-anticipated game starring those adorable hamsters takes kids on a fun and pleasantly challenging adventure in Hamtaro's town! Although they play as Hamtaro, kids can choose any name for their character. Hamtaro begins his quest with access only to the Clubhouse and Acorn Shrine. As he learns more Ham-Chat words and finds Ham-Hams, more areas open up. Kids can always return to the Clubhouse for updates, hints, and progress reports from Boss and Snoozer. 

Learning the secret language, Ham-Chat, is vital to kids' progress. They must collect Ham-Chat words by speaking to all the hamsters they run into. New words learned appear in the Ham-Ham Notebook. Players use the words to greet hamsters, sniff things, dig things up, to apologize, climb up trees and ladders, roll into objects for surprises, and so forth. They use words to coax Ham-Hams to go back to the Clubhouse and to learn more words! 

Kids visit the Ham-Hams they have found in their individual rooms back at the Clubhouse. They can also go to the Dance Room and create some Ham-Jams! Each Ham-Chat word has an action that goes with it, and these actions can be used to make a dance routine. Dances can be traded with other owners of the game using a Link Cable. Players can purchase new outfits for Hamtaro at the boutiques scattered around the town, and then try them on and take photos. Kids thoroughly enjoyed adding cute accessories to Hamtaro, such as swords, aprons, and adorable bunny ears.

Rated E for Everyone (ages 6-up). 

For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Hamtaro: Ham Hams Unite!


  • Involving gameplay; enjoyable extension of the cartoon show.
  • Decent graphics.
  • Requires memory and logical thinking.


  • May be difficult for some of the younger kids in the target audience (ages 5 and younger).


For Nintendo Gameboy Color By: Nintendo  Ages: 5-11  Published: 2002




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