Toy Review:    Pretend & Learn Cash Register

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Toy Review: Pretend & Learn Cash Register (LeapFrog)

Electronic Toy

By Leap Frog

Our Recommended Age: 3-5

Our Rating: B






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If you are looking for a children’s cash register with which kids can "play store", you may be disappointed with the Pretend & Learn Cash Register by LeapFrog. More of an activity center for preschoolers, this electronic toy certainly has its merits. However, kids who want to do more pretending than learning will find this toy has an agenda—an educational agenda—and doesn’t offer freeplay practice.


The cash register comes with price tags and colored plastic coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters). Children can scan the price tags on the unit’s scanner and drop coins into the cash register’s slot. An LCD screen displays both coin values and illustrations of coins, and the unit features plenty of audio feedback. There are 4 modes of play—explore, total time, price check, and check out. One more mode of play—a freeplay one—could have extended the play value of the toy, as well as the age range. However, its 4 modes limit the toy’s appeal to preschoolers only, not beyond. 


As an activity center, this toy does a fair job of teaching. In Explore mode, kids can scan price tags and drop coins into the slot. When they press the numbers on the keypad, the numbers are named; coin equivalencies are reinforced; and children learn the names and values of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. “Total time” tallies up numbers on the keypad, scanned price tags, and coins. In “Price Check” mode, prices of different grocery items are named, and kids have to find the corresponding number (1-9) on the keypad. “Check Out” involves scanning a price tag and then adding coins that add up to the price. Kids receive audio help when they are struggling.


The size of the toy is just right for preschoolers. Except for the size of the coin container (it could have been larger), the cash register’s design is well conceived.



  • Useful as a "busy box" or activity center for preschoolers.
  • Educational and entertaining.

  • The audio feedback and prompts can interfere with children's thought processes. 
  • Limited use for freeplay "playing store".


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Reviewed February 2004
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