Software Review:    Who Wants to be a Millionaire Kids Edition

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Though kids have been tackling Who Wants to Be a Millionaire since its release on CD-ROM, they haven't had a fair chance at becoming a virtual millionaire--until now. This title features pop culture content that is entertaining and challenging for kids ages 8-13, but certainly easier than the previous programs in the series. 

This is a keyboard-driven game that plays very much like the television hit. Kids start off trying to win $100 by answering a multiple-choice question, and every correct answer allows them to move up the ladder of prize money. As kids work towards winning a virtual million, they have the popular 3 life lines to fall back on--50/50 narrows down the answers to half, Ask the Audience pulls up a poll, and Phone-A-Friend brings up a sequence in which Regis "phones" a child, such as a straight-A student, to consult with. An example question is "Which of the following countries is closest to Alaska?" There are over 700 kid-friendly trivia questions, and "secret" cheat codes are available at At a suggested retail price of only $20 US, this game will provide plenty of entertainment.


  • Fun, age-appropriate content
  • Simple, familiar game-play


  • Slow-moving, repetitive comments from Regis.



For Win/Mac By: Disney Interactive   Ages 8-13 Published: 2001


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Buy Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Kids...  for approximately $19.99 US at

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