Software Review:    Zoombinis Mountain Rescue

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Top Pick A sequel to the excellent Logical Journey of the Zoombinis has been a long time coming. Zoombinis Mountain Rescue continues the series' focus on logical thinking skills with a similar format--the idea is to lead Zoombinis through a series of challenges after creating bands of these adorable little creatures. Again, children select the four variable characteristics of each Zoombini--hair, feet, noses, and eyes--then solve puzzles that, for the most part, revolve around these variables.

What is different about this second title in the series is 3-D graphics, a special emphasis on "math of the information age", and more challenging puzzles overall. The Zoombinis, along with the terrain they traverse, look fabulous--a wonderful improvement on the original. Some of the activities feel familiar to fans of the original Zoombinis title; others feel entirely new, with a few of them exercising thinking skills that are particularly useful for children wanting to pursue a computer programming career. 

The challenges are simply excellent. They are so cleverly fun--children want to "beat" each puzzle so that the program doesn't feel academic. But, academic it is! Kids practice skills that will help them in math class.

This title seems more challenging than the first. Although kids can play individual activities at any of their 3 difficulty levels independently of the adventure, the adventure mode itself is long and quickly becomes challenging for most kids. The box says ages 8 and up, but children ages 8-10 are unlikely to make it very far in the journey before getting frustrated.

  • Excellent exercise for the brain
  • Logic puzzles are fun to do 
  • Well-designed title with plenty of options
  • Improved storyline, graphics
  • The Zoombinis characters are endearing
  • This title has loads of content for those up to a challenge.


  • The "adventure" mode becomes too challenging too fast.



For Windows By: The Learning Company     Ages 9-up Published: 2001


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