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Children's Product Review:

Gameboy Advance Video: Shrek 2

PC Software Review: Shrek 2 for GBAV, Nintendo DS, GB Micro
For Nintendo GameBoy Advance (VIDEO), Nintendo DS, and GameBoy Micro

By Majesco

Our Recommended Age: Ages 5-10

Released: 2005

Our Rating: A

about our reviews:
All reviews at Edutaining Kids are independent and impartial. Our children's video game reviews are designed to help parents and caregivers find the right games for their kids. Evaluations and ratings are based on educational and entertainment value, age appropriate content, and innovativeness.

Top Pick The GameBoy Advance is an Edutaining Kids Recommended product (with the SP edition featuring significant improvements to warrant its purchase). It's a fantastic portable gaming platform. 

GameBoy Advance Videos are available for the platform. Kids can't interact with them, but for owners of the GameBoy Advance, these videos can bring welcome relief when families with young children are traveling—whether it's to the grocery store or to another city. Families can also take the videos along on trips to the doctor's office or any situation when kids have to wait patiently. The videos feature episodes of popular TV series or feature films in full color. Of course, the screen is only approximately 1.5 by 2.5 inches big, and the sound quality is not fantastic. However, kids love the videos. If big brother or sister already owns a GBA, many families will want to purchase at least one GBA Video for their preschoolers. Older kids might enjoy the videos as well, but usually don't enjoy watching them again and again. Preschoolers, however, are notorious for watching the same videos over and over. 

GameBoy Advance Video: Shrek 2 can be played on the GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, and GameBoy Micro platforms. The entire movie is featured in full-screen, full-color, full-sound, and full-motion video.

This product runs 92 minutes total, and features the ability to pause the movie, control brightness, move to the previous or next chapter (using the Left and Right buttons), as well as fast forward and rewind capabilities. Parents are able to lock the directional pad control so that kids are unable to fast forward or rewind the movie.

Many children are attracted to the VideoNow unit, but if you already own a GameBoy Advance, these videos make more sense. If it comes down to a choice between purchasing a VideoNow or a GameBoy Advance, keep in mind that the GameBoy Advance can do a lot more than just play videos. We recommend the GBA system.


  • Excellent for passing time on car trips and for any situation when young children have to wait.
  • Never skips.
  • Plug and play.
  • Chaptering, fast forward and rewind, and pause features.


  • Sound quality is not perfect, although young children are unlikely to notice.


Our Rating:


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For more information, user reviews, or to buy: GBAV - Shrek II

Reviewed: November 2005

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