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This site is dedicated to providing parents with reviews and recommendations of "edutainment" products and activities parents can enjoy with their children.

The kids' products selected for inclusion on Edutaining Kids are designed to entertain and to educate simultaneously, and include children's software, educational toys, books, audio, video games, and videos.

Divided into age groups and subjects,'s feature articles and reviews help parents, grandparents, and caregivers make sense out of web sites, activities, and the latest products available to children and their parents.

We strive to produce reviews that are impartial and objective, based on feedback from kids, parents, and caregivers.

Most children's "edutainment" products are evaluated and graded (with A+ indicating products that are outstanding, A excellent, A- very good, B+ good, B average, and so forth), while others are evaluated as "Recommended".

Often, a ratings bar graph accompanies a review, providing a visual overview of the product's merits, broken down into various categories such as entertainment, educational content, etc., each based on a scale of zero to ten. Articles help to provide comparisons and round-ups of products with a common theme, such as software for first-graders.

Links to purchase products on this site are affiliate links to that provide this site with small commissions on purchases made through these links, but the price of products is the same as if there were no such links. This system allows websites such as Edutaining Kids to earn some of its costs to run and maintain. Please note, however, that review ratings are nevertheless impartial and are recommended based on merit alone.


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