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Article: Homework Help

Homework Help

Need help with homework? Running searches for information on major search engines can work, but we've gathered a list of family-tested resources for specific help with homework—so your kids can skip the overwhelming extras they face when looking for information online. Discover the family-friendly resources we consider the most useful...


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Cabbage Patch KidsHottest Toys 

Find out which best-selling toys we like, and which ones we are not as fond of...


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Interactive TV



TV has become interactive with two new systems (V-Smile and InteracTV DVD System) that offer preschoolers two different ways to learn with the television set...
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Neo pets toys plushiesNeopets!

The addictive online "virtual pet" community, Neopets, is so popular that a movie is in the works. There's plenty to do at the site, and best of all, it's free! We show you what has to offer kids.
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