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For Kids Curious About George

Kids have been curious about Curious George literally for generations. He's been around for over 60 years, yet he still captures the hearts of little ones. Besides the many books starring the little monkey, there are software games featuring his adventures, toys galore, Curious George-themed nursery sets, and Brio (the makers of popular wooden train sets) has even produced a new Curious George line of toy trains. 

Curious George Holds a Bunny
Curious George Holds a Bunny
Rey, H.A. & Margret E.
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Why does Curious George still continue to delight children and their parents, after so many years? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that he is so "predictably" unpredictable. Kids always know that when The Man With The Yellow Hat leaves him on his own, the good-hearted but too-curious monkey will land himself in some kind of serious mischief. It's the kind of mischief that children (hopefully) know they absolutely cannot make.

Curious George Books

Curious George has been "in print" for over 60 years, so there is no shortage of books starring the little monkey. To celebrate his 60th Anniversary, a special edition entitled The Complete Adventures of Curious George was published. This book collects seven classic stories together in one volume. Kids can follow George in his many adventures, from his very first to his trip to the hospital; while adults can enjoy the chapters devoted to a biography of the authors, Margaret and H. A. Rey. A photo album is also included.

It is important to note that these stories were written in different times, and they don't always reflect the values of today. For example, George is introduced to he Man With The Yellow Hat when he essentially gets kidnapped by him! Also, George does some pretty wild things, and he always ends up a star for all his misbehavior. You are unlikely to find these kinds of themes in recently-published children's literature.

Also, keep in mind that because this is essentially a collector's edition, it is not as easy to read as the individual books.

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Although the "old" adventures of Curious George are certainly charming, it doesn't hurt that some new ones are now available. Five new stories, collected together in a volume entitled New Adventures of Curious George, were not written and illustrated by the Reys, but they feature the same types of adventures with slightly more modern settings. 

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Curious George Software

Curious George for the PC, released in 2006, is based on the animated film. It's a classic video game, and is rich in colors and gameplay. However, keep in mind that it's a real challenge--not for the young ones.

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A truly innovative and exciting program for children to experiment and solve problems is Curious George Downtown Adventure. This program is fantastic! Children move Curious George through various milieus by positioning parts (like trampolines and balls) on the screen--effectively, they are building contraptions. Experimenting is a must. This title is highly educational as it requires children to think rather than to simply reinforce academic concepts.

Get a "feel" for the game by visiting our screenshot gallery to view pictures grabbed directly from the program. Note that the age on the box says 3 and up, but kids younger than 5 or 6 are unlikely to have the patience to construct the contraptions. However, for children approximately 5 to 9, this program is a real brain-builder.

Our rating of the game: A

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Another Curious George software title is Curious George Reading and Phonics, in which children follow a story adventure with George as they build early reading, phonics, and spelling skills. Along the way, they play cards with their favorite monkey, collect bananas and, more importantly, pieces of a letter from the Man With the Yellow Hat, and match letters to letter sounds. There are three levels of difficulty at which children can play the game, and these correspond to different reading levels. The program is easygoing for the most part, but does require some rudimentary keyboard skills. The graphics are a lovely sight. 

Our rating of the game: B+

[For more information, or to buy Curious George Reading at for approximately $19.99 US or less.]

Curious George Videos

For a change of pace from the comic-style illustrations of George we're so familiar with, The Adventures of Curious George and His Friends is a treat. Two Curious George stories are featured--the narration is verbatim, and the animation is "claymation"-style. Also included in the video are two storybook adaptations we seldom see on video--Morris the Moose and Frog and Toad. This video is pleasant and longer than most.

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