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Nintendo Wii Game Review:

We have not had this much fun with a video game in a long time. A true family and/or party game, playing WarioWare: Smooth Moves actually works up a sweat and elicits endless giggles. It's quirky, no doubt, and stays true to the WarioWare series. However, with the unique technology of the Nintendo Wii, Smooth Moves involves active and interactive participation.
Wario Ware Smooth Moves for the Wii Game Review

Utilities Software:


WinCleaner Complete PC Care 

(includes WinCleaner One-Click)

Your family computer's sluggish performance can be remedied quickly, safely, and easily with this suite of handy utilities...
WinCleaner Complete Review

Encyclopedia Software:

Encarta Encyclopedia Review

Encarta Reference Library Premium

(includes Encarta 2005 Encyclopedia Deluxe)

We have been thrilled with the Encarta Encyclopedia for years, and with the 2005 edition, bowled over. Now including a new feature, Encarta Kids, this Reference Library is dazzling, useful, and engaging for all members of the family...
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Encyclopedia Software: World Book

World Book EncyclopediaSometimes less is more. World Book Encyclopedia 2004 Edition is a fantastic starter electronic encyclopedia for kids just beginning to do research for school projects. Although it features less content than many electronic encyclopedias on the market, ...
World Book Encyclopedia Review

DVD Review:

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series Vol. 1 & 2 DVD

Unusual? Definitely. If you're a fan of Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Bean live-action comedies, there's a good chance you and your family will enjoy the animated version of Mr. Bean and his silly antics... 
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Software for Families: Reviews

Puzzle GamesSoftware: Hoyle Puzzle Games

A collection of puzzle games for the family that even includes the fantastic Incredible Machine Even More Contraptions program...
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Feature Article

Kids Digital Camera GuideKids' Photo Fun & Learning with Digital Cameras

It's considerably easier to get creative with digital cameras, although "old-fashioned" cameras will do the trick as well. When children have control of a camera, they learn to look at the world just a little differently--they notice patterns where they didn't before, they think about everyday objects with a fresh perspective, and they develop their confidence in their own creativity...
Photo Fun with Digital Cameras for Kids

Feature Article

Dr. SeussDr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss proved that some of the silliest rhymes can not only entertain children, they can educate them too...
Dr. Seuss Article

Top Selling Software:

Want to know which software programs people are buying? 


Amazon's Holiday Toy List


Top Selling Children's Software - Updated Hourly

Home Publishing Software Reviews:

Hallmark Card StudioSoftware: Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe

Featuring Hallmark-brand greeting cards, fonts, and more, this deluxe program will please those looking for a greeting card software program with good-quality templates. Plus, the program does more--stationery, stickers, invitations, photo-editing, and so forth...
Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe Review

Also, Hallmark Card Studio 3


The Big Box of Art Clip Art Software
The Big Box of Art

A good home publishing clip art package can be difficult to find. This software program is a joy to use. With over 615,000 images to choose from...
Big Box of Art Review

Photo Editing Software: Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10

Digital Image SuiteMost families who work with digital images own a photo editing software title, but for those who want a little more control and finesse, Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10 offers ease of use and professional results...
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Feature: Software Buying Guide

Great deals on software are a few clicks away! We have rounded up some of the latest software bargains on the net in one easy place ... Read more 

Top internet links for families: quality sites are just a few clicks away...
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Cooking with KidsCooking with Kids!

 Our top picks of cooking software and cookbooks specially designed to get kids cooking...
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Family Games Yahtzee

The game of Yahtzee is almost 50 years old, but today's families have a few choices as to how they'd like to play the game...
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Word Games for the FamilyGet the Word on Word Games 

We select software titles and web sites that offer the best word games for kids and adults...
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Pregnancy Books Reviewed

We review some popular pregnancy and birth books...
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Book Review: Juggling Act: Handling Divorce Without Dropping the Ball


Homework Helpers for KidsHomework Help

Need help with homework? Running searches for information on major search engines can work, but we've gathered a list of family-tested resources for specific help with homework—so your kids can skip the overwhelming extras they face when looking for information online. Discover the family-friendly resources we consider the most useful...
Homework Help for Kids

Gift Guides:

Fantastic Gift Ideas for Families

We've selected our top ten picks (and more) of wonderful gift ideas for families, including print shop and encyclopedia software, games, creativity kits, and more...
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How to Set Up a Wireless Home Network and Share a DSL or Cable Internet Connection
How to Set Up a Wireless Network

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