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Software Review:    Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe

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"In my day,"...they used to offer multitudes of free greeting cards on the Internet. Well, it wasn't that long ago, but we do miss oodles of free greeting card choices!

You can print up--and email--quality, customized greeting cards with this software program. It's not free, but it's fun and convenient. In fact, you can also customize and personalize envelopes, invitations, stationery, and even stickers with Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe too.

With this program, "tweaking" and adding your own sense of style to greeting cards and print projects is particularly rewarding, simply because you get to start with high-quality templates--which not only includes nice images, but also professionally-written text.  

Featuring Hallmark-quality clip art images, "sentiments", and fonts, this program offers all the tools you'll need to express yourself on possibly any occasion you can think of. The samples, or templates, are rather inspiring. You can personalize the program's pre-made templates, or, if you're bold, you can start from scratch. The program is fairly simple to use.

Examples of categories and options: The themes and categories range from "Just Because" cards to "Today's Stepfamily" ones. The Birthday category, for example, even includes "holiday birthday" cards for those lucky (or unlucky!) souls whose birthdays fall on a holiday. Holiday cards are also covered. You can refine your search for cards within a category to things like "sentimental", "simply said", "funny stuff", "sweet stuff", and so forth.  

Some notes about the program: Be prepared to dedicate a fair amount of hard drive space for this program. The "recommended" install takes up 1.6 GB, but the benefits of this include not having to disc-swap -- there are 3 CDs in the set. Another option is to install all but the clip art images, which requires 1.3 GB. The "compact" install requires about half a gig, but remember that, with this last option, you'll have to move around CDs every now and again as you move through the program.

Extras: The software also contains an Event Planner that allows you to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and any other day that might call for a card! It also gives users the ability to easily create mailing lists. The Event Planner provides notifications of special events that you've inputted.

E-cards, complete with sound and/or animation, are another option.

A new photo editing application is included. This allows you to import photos and then "tweak" them (remove red-eye, resize, flip, brighten, or enhance color).

A color printer is pretty much an artistic necessity with this program. 

The program features a Kid Lock option--if you'd like to password-protect your program, you can. There is nothing really raunchy in the program that warrants much concern, but there are a few slightly "questionable" phrases.

A starter package of specialty Hallmark papers is included in the box of this deluxe edition.

For more information, user reviews, or to buy, follow this link:

Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2003

More screens from the program -- these are some of the many, many greeting card covers:


UPDATE 2006: The latest version of this software is: Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2006


  • Wide variety of greeting card styles and designs to choose from, most of which are high quality.
  • Fairly easy to use.
  • Rather flexible for those who enjoy tinkering with images and text.
  • Photo-editing program included in the package.
  • Starter kit of Hallmark print materials, including envelopes, card stock, and more.


  • If you are looking for a program with top-quality clip art, this one may disappoint.


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