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For the Kids Too!

For the Kids Too! is a collection of fabulous, touching, and exciting songs performed by a diverse group of musicians... 
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Hey, Picasso

 Jessica Harper interprets some classic works of art in her latest children's recording, Hey, Picasso. A pleasing range of musical styles, including, jazz, pop, reggae, and folk, are featured on this likable album, as well as Jessica's silky-smooth voice...
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Hunk-ta-Bunk-ta Funsies 1

Katherine Dines' seventh children's recording, Hunk-ta-Bunk-ta Funsies 1, is another winner. Designed for families with babies and toddlers, this remarkable recording features 15 fun activity songs... 
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Rhinoceros Tap

Rhinoceros Tap (and 14 Other Seriously Silly Songs), with lyrics by the celebrated children's author, Sandra Boynton, is fabulously silly fare with loads of class... 
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Hunk-ta Bunk-ta Chants

Top Pick Our favorite children's music recording to come around in a long time! Katherine Dines' Hunk-Ta Bunk-Ta Chants is magical and fun...  
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Children's Music and Audio Reviews

The Perfect Accompaniment
The Perfect Accompaniment
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Music is the universal language that can help bridge the gap between generations and cultures. At Edutaining Kids, we look for children's musical recordings that will stimulate and delight families.

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Children's Music: Must-Have Recordings

We've compiled a list of superb recordings that we think every family should own...
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Children's Music Software Reviews

Music Ace Deluxe

Top Pick Adorable singing notes, sound lessons, and fun games enliven this outstanding music program for kids. Beginning and intermediate music students will benefit from this well-paced, rich learning experience on CD-ROM...
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Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker: The Music Game

This delightful CD-ROM is probably perfect for the holiday season, but it is such a wonderful exercise in music and memory that kids will want to play it any time of the year! Highly original activities in the form of musical puzzles help train the ear and teach children about musical instruments...
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Toys that allow children to explore music through experimentation ...
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Classical KidsClassical Kids

The Children's Group produces a series of outstanding children's recordings that introduce children to classical music and composers, through stories and music, of course...
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What's New in Kids' Music

Do you remember Disco Duck? YMCA? Celebration? These are some of the selections on the latest Music For Little People's Celebration of Disco. In this article, we talk about some of the latest recordings in the children's music industry include releases from the likes of children's author Sandra Boynton, Ralph Covert (Ralph's World), and more ... 
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Create Music

Learn and Create Music with Prodikeys

Top Pick Prodikeys is two keyboards rolled into one — a PC keyboard and music keyboard. With its easy to use software, families can learn to play songs and create fabulous music...
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World Party!

It's time to party to sounds from around the world—from Spain to Brazil to New Zealand. This energetic, spirited compilation of kid-friendly tunes leaves no child (or parent) behind with an eclectic mix of sounds that come together in one pleasing whole. ... 
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