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Music Review:    For the Kids Too

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Children's Music Review: For the Kids Too

Published by: Nettwerk America

Released: October 2004

Reviewed: October 2004

Our Recommended Age: All Ages

Our Rating: A







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A set of eclectic, unpretentious family-pleasing songs makes up this follow-up album to For the Kids. Proceeds from For the Kids Too!, this time around, are going to the Lili Claire Foundation, a nonprofit organization that benefits people born with neurogenetic disorders, such as Down's Syndrome and Autism.


The album features sixteen songs, including covers and new tunes. I'm Different is a fantastic, endearingly raucous song that celebrates individual uniqueness. David Mead's I Like to Run, I Like to Jump is a sweet, wistful melody that explores both the feeling of invincibility and elation that comes from running free. Shivaree, a US-based trio, does the delightful Everybody Came; and a cover of Prince's Starfish and Coffee proves that some songs originally designed for adults make wonderful fare for kids as well.


Some of the songs were previously released, such as At the Bottom of the Sea  by Ralph's World from Ralph Covert's album of the same name, and the hilarious John Lee Supertaster from They Might Be Giants' 2002 album entitled "No!". The remainder of the songs on For the Kids Too are all-new. Some are reworked classics and covers, such as My Favorite Things, a tune originating from The Sound of Music, and performed by Nathan, as well as Matthew Sweet's Goodnight, a Beatles cover song. 


The range is wide in this eclectic album, featuring alternative, rock, indie, folk, and a bit of country as well.  



Our Rating:





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Reviewed October 2004
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