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Utilities Software Review:    WinCleaner Complete PC Care


All reviews at Edutaining Kids are independent, impartial reviews. Family utility software reviews are designed to help parents and caregivers decide which software programs are best for their families, and are evaluated based on a number of factors, including ease of use, value, and usefulness.

Computer Software Utility Review: WinCleaner Complete PC Care

For Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP 

By Enteractive/Business Logic

Released: 2004

Reviewed: February 2005

Our Rating: A




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Running WinCleaner Complete PC Care gives you the same kind of refreshed feeling that comes after spring cleaning—minus the exhaustion of exertion. This software suite offers a variety of utilities in one package that will help keep your computer running faster and more smoothly, and it's a virtually effortless task.


The package's single CD-ROM includes such useful utilities as a one-click cleaner (with options to customize the "sweep"), a file and folder "undelete", StartUp optimizer, memory (RAM) optimizer, registry optimizwer, disk alert, pop-up (and pop-under) stopper, and more. Users have the option to install an anti-virus package that requires any current anti-virus utility to be uninstalled.


A general options screen is available, where users can customize the program's default settings. It is recommended that novices keep the program defaults.


AutoUpdate allows users to get regular, automatic updates that keep their program current by connecting to the publisher's web site. This option is available until a new version of the product is released.



The WinCleaner One-Click utility (which is also available as a separate stand-alone product, Ultra WinCleaner One-Click) clears accumulated clutter, including temporary and junk files, broken shortcuts, Internet clutter, cookies (users can select cookies they want to keep—the helpful ones, for example), privacy items (including typed URLs in history and other such items), invalid Registry items, startup errors, and the recycle bin. By default, the program backs up the temporary and junk files so that users can undo deletion if necessary.


Destroy It! is a utility that allows users to erase private documents and items from their computer permanently. Emptying one's recycle bin does not, in reality, do the job. After deleting a file, its contents still remain on your hard drive, and may be recovered by disk utilities. The Destroy It! utility renders files unrecoverable, although the names of the files (not the contents) may be recoverable. This utility can be useful to run before selling your old computer, or simply if you never want a file to be recovered. 


There are some files you'd rather never see again, but there are others that you might delete and wish you hadn't. The suite includes a "File and Folder Undelete" utility for recovering files and folders you've deleted but want to restore.


WinCleaner Disk Alert is a disk status analyzer and failure prediction software for hard drives. Essentially, it monitors the status and health of your hard drive and alerts you to potential problems that could lead to hard drive failure.


The suite also includes a pop-up (and pop-under) stopper that can be customized as desired. Pop-ups are blocked automatically, and users can press a pre-designated key to temporarily disable the stopper when pop-ups are desired. Users can also add web sites to "Allow" and "Block" lists. An Anti-Virus utility is also available in the suite, and is optional. This utility is designed to protect against viruses and spyware, scans files, memory, and emails, and includes free updates for one year (updates are automatic and live). 


 Your computer's registry needs a clean-up once in a while, and this suite has a Registry Optimizer utility that reports and fixes registry problems. It is recommended that users make a back-up before running registry fixes. The suite's Memory Optimizer optimizes and maximizes your computer RAM. The WinDisk Check checks computer disks for errors and corrects them, and the WinFile Defragmentor keeps system files and/or selected files and folders defragmented.


The suite also fixes those annoying startup errors, and it provides a tool for managing applications that load at startup. Some applications load without your knowledge, and others load but they can be difficult to remove. This utility is very handy and easy to use—you decide which programs you want to load at startup. The utility provides a list of the applications, some of which are explained, and shows which applications are known to be harmful or unnecessary.


The suite includes a zip utility for both zipping and unzipping files, Ultra Zip, which is easy to use and handy.


Some of the utilities included in the suite are available in Windows XP, for example, and can be done manually, but this package includes more powerful cleaners and offers users an easy, all-in-one solution to a variety of problems that undermine a computer's performance.


We installed this program on one of our kids' computers that had been running slowly. I have some knowledge with regards to manually cleaning up a computer, but have had problems getting rid of some annoying adware and was stumped by this particular computer's sluggish performance. We ran WinCleaner Complete PC Care on the computer. After restarting it, the improvement in performance was immediately apparent and dramatic.


One of the test computers we ran the suite on, a family PC that is two years old and used rather heavily, showed the most dramatic results. The first step we took was the WinCleaner One-Click, which freed up over 300 MB of space effortlessly. A number of parasites and other undesirable applications were found to be loading at startup, and were disabled. We ran most of the utilities in the suite on this particular computer, and the improved performance was considered to be very significant. 


Our Bottom Line This is a helpful, easy-to-use program for families looking to optimize the performance of their computer. It works.

Our Rating:





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Reviewed February 2005














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