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Software Review:    Hoyle Puzzle Games 2003

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This all-new Hoyle CD-ROM is dedicated to puzzles of all kinds--word games, tiles, arcade-style solitaire, and even contraptions. Although many of these games will be familiar to those who own other Hoyle Games titles, this is a great and addictive collection of games with loads of options.

If you don't own The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions, this program is an even better buy--Hoyle Puzzle Games 2003 includes this excellent previously-released software title as just one of its many puzzle game offerings! The program features 250 new puzzles, taking the form of mind-bending contraption challenges. It is an addictive game of trial-and-error as players work through zany puzzles that become progressively more involving as levels advance. With pleasing graphics, and the option to play head-to-head, this title is a must-have for puzzle lovers ages 9 through adult. It's especially fun for kids (and adults) who love to tinker. 

A collection of "arcade solitaire" games is featured. For example, Best 21 involves attempting to get the highest score possible by playing 5 blackjack hands against the clock. The goal is to score as close to 21 as possible (ideally, 21) without going over.

Memory Tiles is just one of the many "tiles" games. This is a memory game with a twist--not all matches are identical cards, so players need to pay attention to the rules. There's also Star Collector, a space exploration strategy game, some fun maze games, and a collection of word games--Crosswords (featuring a large collection of Dell Crosswords), Hangman, and Anagrams. Owners of Hoyle Word Games will recognize these. Placer Racer is another game that appears in quite a few Hoyle Games collections--any fan of Snood or Tetris will find this one very addictive.

Most games feature multiplayer options and many can be played at various skill levels. The program runs with or without the CD in the drive, but character speech only plays with the CD. 

Note that many of the games featured in this collection have been released before in other Hoyle packages. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic standalone product, especially for those who don't already own The Incredible Machine Even More Contraptions and other Hoyle Games.

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For Win/Mac By: Sierra    Published: 2002

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