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Best 21 is one of the program's arcade solitaire offerings. The goal is to make hands that are as close to (or, ideally, equal to) 21 as possible, without going over. Detailed rules of each game can be pulled up at any time while playing the program, and a printed puzzle game rulebook is also included in the package.


In Placer Racer, the goal is to make it through levels by clearing the boards of colorful, fuzzy balls before they get too low. Here, the next move is to fire the yellow ball at the pair of 2 at the top (3 will clear), and the whole line below it will drop and save the game!


Anagrams requires finding as many words as possible from the given letter tiles. We were sometimes frustrated when it didn't accept real words (like "ode"), claiming that they were not real words, but all in all, this is a fun game. Cheeky monkeys chatter throughout this one. 
Maze Raider with a Greek setting is pictured here. Players must collect enough coins to open up the maze exit, and they face monsters who slow them down and various other obstacles and challenges




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For Win/Mac By: Sierra  Ages 9-up Published: 2002



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