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Math Help: Middle and High School Math


Software programs available for math tutorial help at the middle school and high school level are rather dry, but serious students (and those pushed to use the programs by their parents) will benefit if they use the programs. 

The Math Advantage series remains essentially the same year to year, and includes separate CD-ROMs for the following subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Business Math, and Real World Math.

The CDs in Math Advantage 2005 by Encore Software feature tutorials that include instructions and examples on a variety of topics, interactive demonstrations, exams, and games. Games can be played only once users achieve "good" results in the examination for that particular subject. In the Pre-Algebra CD-ROM, for example, kids select a topic (such as fractions or decimal fractions) from a large list, and then work through explanations and examples in the sub-topics (such as "simplifying fractions"). The exam questions are automatically graded, and timed if desired. Kids can go back to questions with incorrect answers to see the correct results. A bonus CD is included, which offers kids tutorials on how to use Microsoft Excel. For more information or to buy: Math Advantage 2005

It is important to note that Middle & High School Math (Grades 7-12) by Topics Entertainment features the same core titles as those in Math Advantage, except without the Statistics, Business Math, and Real World Math. In other words, this package offers Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus, and these CD-ROMs were originally made by the same company, offering the same format and content. The price for this one is a little lower, and if it comes down to a choice between the two packages, some families might prefer this title if they don't have a need for the other CDs. For more information or to buy: Middle & High School Math Excelerator

We have found that offers a surprisingly vast variety of math tools, games, and tutorials for free, and families might want to peruse that site before considering paying for the software programs above. Extra help and practice in math concepts—from fractions to square roots—is offered at this math site. Children can learn math concepts, test themselves, and play skill-building games. Exercises are automatically graded. Tables and formulas are offered as well. The site is quite comprehensive. We don't like the pop-ups, but the site is worth it nevertheless.

Another top-notch math site that we recommend is Ask Dr. Math, which includes answers to math problems ready to browse. Essentially, the site is a question and answer service, but the answers to past questions are extensive, and its searchable archive is extremely useful and well-organized.


Middle School and High School Math Resources
In this article:

We take a look at supplemental programs, in the form of web sites and software, for helping high school-age kids improve their math skills.

April 2005


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