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  Barbie Fairytopia: Movie Review & Pictures


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Barbie Fairytopia

We've enjoyed the computer-animated Barbie direct-to-video movies to date, and Barbie Fairytopia didn't disappoint. Set for release on March 8th, Barbie Fairytopia stars Barbie as Elina, a flower fairy who wishes she had wings. 

Set in a vibrantly colorful world called Fairytopia, this movie draws on a common theme in children's stories (good vs. evil), yet delivers an enchanting experience for any Barbie fan and children enthralled with fairies. 

Barbie, in her incarnation as Elina, has an adorable, fuzzy litle sidekick named Bibble. Together, they determinedly venture off on a number of quests after discovering that the fairies are weakening and some of them cannot fly. Laverna and her evil minions have kidnapped fairy guardians, silenced the Enchantress (who also happens to be Laverna's good twin sister), and invaded all seven regions of Fairytopia. The very evil Laverna hopes to become the new Queen of the land.

Bibble is a delightful little companion, and kids just love him. He speaks and yelps in only slightly understandable gibberish, and little viewers found him absolutely adorable.

At the beginning of the movie, Elina (Barbie), as a flower fairy, lives in a beautiful magical flower named Peony, who plays a soothing lullaby when Elina and Bibble are ready for bed, and offers them a wake-up song in the morning. But when Elina wakes up one morning, there is no song, and she discovers that Peony (as well as the other flowers in Magic Meadow) has lost her colors. Dandelion, Elina's pixie friend, informs her that Topaz, a powerful guardian fairy, has been kidnapped by Laverna, and some fairies are having trouble flying.

Little viewers get a peek into Laverna's cacti-filled dark world, which stands in stark contrast to the vibrant world of Magic Meadow. Laverna tells the kidnapped Topaz of her sinister plans to take over Fairytopia. She has sent her minions to all seven regions of Fairytopia with her formula that has the power to weaken every flying creature to the point that fairies can no longer fly. Who will be the only one to answer their cries for help—the one with the antidote? Laverna, of course! A determined Barbie, unaware of Laverna's evil plans, sets off to Fairy Town. She finds Azura, an azure blue fairy, who gives Elina her necklace. Will Barbie earn her wings? Plenty of exciting adventures await her along the way.

The movie thrilled our little viewers with its compelling characters, interesting story line, and gorgeous "eye candy". Previous direct-to-video features (four in all, released annually in the fall since 2001), had a Princess theme. Barbie Fairytopia is the first spring release and distinguishes itself from the Princess series. There are plans for two movies to be released per year in the Fairytopia series. It's a gorgeous, immersive world. 

The DVD is presented in family-friendly widescreen format with Dolby 5.1 and 2.0 Audio with Spanish 2.0 Audio and is filled with wonderfully fun special features including a “Boogie with Barbie” dancing game, “Pixie Hide and Seek” game, “Fairy Friends,” and interactive menus. 

Rating: A

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