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Monsters vs Aliens - The Movie, Games, and Toys

Monsters vs Aliens - Movie Review

Monsters Vs Aliens, the latest gem from the Dreamworks studio is a wonderful tale of demonstrating the best of human nature, despite the fact that the main characters are monsters.

Surprisingly, there are only a few monsters, and the creation stories of how these beings came to be are actually relatively believable. Children will certainly accept the outrageous storyline, while adults will appreciate the distorted love theme and the growth of understanding in the main character, Susan / Ginormitaur.

The story begins with a romantic wedding day, and Susan is the blushing bride. She has high expectations of going to Paris on her honeymoon and is the typical delightful young woman who gives up her dreams to further her fiancé’s career.

Without warning and before the wedding takes place, a meteorite falls to earth at her feet and the storyline moves with dramatic pace from now on. At the alter Susan begins to change into a huge and strong version of herself. Reminiscent of the sudden growth Alice experiences in Alice in Wonderland, Susan breaks through the roof of the church, to the shock of her fiancé and all the wedding guests.

When she awakes, Susan is devastated to find herself in an army secret facility that houses all the ‘monsters’ discovered in the past 50 years. She makes friends with the others but is still trying to discover a way to get back to her old life when an alien tracking the meteorite (and the precious substance that gives Susan her strength) attacks the earth.

Following a highly amusing “peaceful” speech by the white middle aged American President, the army persuades the President to release the monsters to fight the aliens. In the process, Susan discovers her true feelings for her fiancé and discovers who she really wants to be. Little girls will benefit from the feminist overtones where the girl does not need to rely on the lies of men to succeed in the world. Instead, Susan relies on her inner strength (even when the determined alien forcibly extracts the chemical) and her new friends, to succeed.

Beyond this storyline and the jokes that adults will appreciate, children will adore the monsters that are the main characters. The characters are fun and make the movie flow well. Some of the jokes are slapstick comedy, but children will love the film.

Monsters Vs Aliens is surprisingly good. It may not stand the test of time as Shrek has done, but it is certainly well worth watching.

by Hayley Hunkin


Bottom Line: Monsters vs Aliens
Monsters Vs Aliens is surprisingly good. It may not stand the test of time as the Shrek series has done, but it is certainly well worth watching.

Best For: The movie appeals most to kids who are approximately 7 years old and up.

Movie Rating: A-

Reviewed: April 2009


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