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Article:    Stuart Little 2: Reviews

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The Movie

This sequel follows the spirited little mouse, Stuart Little, through the big city as he helps save his new canary friend from the clutches of a wicked falcon, and teaches her all about friendship. The movie is incredibly charming and witty--sure to delight the whole family.


Where it All Began...The Stuart Little Book

Although it may be hard to believe for today's young children, the digitally animated superstar mouse was originally a simple character in a now-classic book. E.B. White's Stuart Little remains a wonderful read. This tale of a small mouse who is adopted by a human family is all about growing up and discovering the world. Filled with rather unique vocabulary and fun adventures, Stuart Little is a special book that young readers will enjoy--and parents will enjoy reading to their kids. [For more information, or to buy the book: Stuart Little at for approximately $6 US]

Stuart Little 2
Stuart Little 2
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If you missed Stuart Little 2 in theaters (or if you want to relive the experience again and again), the video and DVD is available.  

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Stuart Little 2 (VHS) Stuart Little 2 (DVD) at]

Computer Software Starring Stuart Little

Infogrames has released a just-for-fun computer game based on the story of Stuart Little 2. Stuart Little 2 features five arcade-style games based on scenes from the movie--such as flying in an airplane with the falcon hot on your trail, making your way up to the top of a building by hopping on balloons, and more. 

As is clear from the screenshot at left, the 3D cutscenes are gorgeous, although brief. They remind children that they are involved in a story.

This game is quite enjoyable, although it's certainly not very educational. The box says it's appropriate for children ages 4 and up, but our guess is that kids younger than about 6 will have a hard time controlling Stuart in his arcade-style adventures. 

Our rating: B- 

[For more information, or to buy: Stuart Little 2 at for approximately $19.99 US]

A much more educational program based on Stuart Little is The Learning Company's Stuart Little: Learning Adventures. This program doesn't follow the movie's story line at all, but it does "star" the lovable mouse. Truly packed with educational activities, this program contains 2 CD-ROMs, each featuring activities based on language arts, visual arts, and math curriculum for early elementary age children. The program is not particularly fast-paced, and it doesn't tie in with the movie's story, but it is very creative and clever in its presentation of educational concepts. This is one of those rare programs that can last for a very long time, and the time invested into it will be very well spent. It is especially original for its introduction of visual arts concepts and early math skills.

Our rating: A  

[Buy Stuart Little Learning Adventures at for approximately $19.99 US or less.]







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Stuart Little (Deluxe Edition)

The deluxe DVD edition of the original movie, Stuart Little.




September 2002

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