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Children's Music Review:

The Best of Big Kids Volume 1

Music Review: The Best of Big Kids: Volume 1
Audio CD with Narration

By Big Kids Productions

Our Recommended Age: Ages 2-up

Our Rating: A

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There are some truly fabulous children's music artists around, and The Best of Big Kids: Volume 1 compiles some of these fine musicians onto one CD. Favorites from Dan Zanes, Justin Roberts, Trout Fishing in America, Ben Rudnick, and more, are featured on this family recording.

If you haven't yet sampled songs like "Brontosaurus Got a Sweet Tooth" by Justin Roberts, or Trout Fishing in America's "Are We There Yet?", this compilation will introduce you to children's songs that parents can not only stomach, they'll be happily singing along. Kids and their parents can enjoy the same music, and The Best of Big Kids proves it. 

The featured songs are creative and ignite children's imagination. "The Alphabet Song" is just one example — in it, the familiar tune is sung in a variety of styles, including country and classical! Another especially playful and imaginative example is found in "The Couch", in which the couch eats the singer's friend, sister, uncle, and dog (but don't worry, it's only pretend). This is Volume 1, and we look forward to more releases in the series.

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For more information or to buy, visit the Big Kids site at, or call Big Kids' toll-free number at 800-477-7811.

Reviewed: April 2005

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