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Children's Music Review:

Casey at the Bat (Stories in Music - Magic Maestro Music)

Music Review: Casey at the Bat
Audio CD with Narration

By Simon & Simon

Our Recommended Age: Ages 8-up

Our Rating: A

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Casey at the Bat is a famous poem that is older than the great-grandparents of many of today's children.  Still, our kid testers listened to this fantastic Stories in Music recording with eagerness.

The second "new classic" for narrator and symphony orchestra from Magic Maestro Music/Kids, Stories in Music: Casey at the Bat, features an audio CD with narration and original music performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Composed by Stephen Simon, this educational release is designed to teach as it captures children's attention. The result is a fun "lesson" in both musical and literary appreciation.

The musical story is interactive. A narrator explains how the author of Casey at the Bat was neither famous nor a poet, yet still managed to produce a poem that would capture an audience for over a century. The poem is both narrated and interpreted through original symphonic music. The narrator offers suggestions about what specific things to listen for the first time around, and then invites kids to listen again with "new educated ears". Kids are also invited to "play a tango" — another interactive feature that keeps children actively participating and actively interested. Children learn all sorts of tidbits of information, such as the idea that composers often use flutes to imitate birds. They are guided through the different emotions of the poem and how they are interpreted through the music. All the while, kids "learn to listen" as the series' trademark goes.

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Reviewed: March 2005

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Casey at the Bat

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