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Children's Software Review :    Where's the Blanket, Charlie Brown?

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The predicament: Linus' much-loved security blanket has gone missing. Kids choose to play this interactive, treasure-hunt-style adventure as either Charlie Brown or Lucy, and Snoopy tags along no matter which character kids select. 

As children search for clues, they play educational games and take care of Snoopy in a virtual-pet kind of way. Charlie Brown is a more "respectful" host, while Lucy, of course, is a crabby one!

Kids search Charlie Brown's home, room by room, as well as the library, Schroeder's house, and the computer lab, for clues, uncovering mini-games as they explore. 

The games kids play are educational ones, including work with logic, math, mapping, and patterns.  

As kids search for the missing blanket, they encounter look-alike objects, such as scarves. Although some objects are randomized, the program does have its life. However, it's fun and definitively charming. 

Rating: A 

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Where's the Blanket, Charlie Brown?  


For Win/Mac By: Tivola Ages 6-9  


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