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Pokemon Dash (for the Nintendo DS)

Nintendo DS Game Review: Pokemon Dash
Video Game

By Nintendo

Our Recommended Age: Ages 6-10

Our Rating: C-

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Pokemon Dash is a racing game featuring Pikachu--and only Pikachu--in a race against other pocket monsters from one Pokedex checkpoint to the next. Kids control Pikachu with their stylus, effectively sliding and stroking Pikachu along on the touch screen.

There are a few problems with the game that undermine its replay value. One is that it is repetitive and lacks the multi-layered gameplay that have made most Pokemon video games highly enjoyable and engaging. The game doesn't involve trading or collecting Pokemon, for example. Also, the excessive use of the stylus as a means to play the game was of concern to parents who worried that the screen might endure some wear and tear as a result. When Pikachu is "knocked out", for example, players need to revive him by scratching away at him until he gets back up again.

Although Pikachu is the most recognizable Pokemon character, is he really the most popular anymore? I, for one, don't know of any child in my acquaintance who would choose Pikachu as his or her favorite Pokemon, and our testers were disappointed that, with Pokemon Dash, they could only "be" Pikachu.

Kids enjoyed the racing for a short time before finding it repetitive. They did enjoy "playing" with Pikachu's face on the opening screen, but there's not much depth to that activity either.

Pokemon fans will want to check out the game, but our advice is to borrow it before buying. You may decide, like our testers did, that it is ultimately disappointing and not worth the full price.

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Reviewed: March 2005

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