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Video/DVD Review:   Baby Da Vinci: From Head to Toe


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Children's Video/DVD Review: Baby DaVinci

The Baby Einstein Company

Released: 2004

Reviewed: March 2005

Our Recommended Age: 1-3

Our Rating: A




Baby Da Vinci



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Baby Da Vinci Pictures

This edition in the Baby Einstein baby video series focuses on parts of the body. Toddlers are introduced to eyes, ears, and more, as they appear in nature. A unique bilingual approach is offered in Baby Da Vinci: From Head to Toe. As is typical of the series, this video/DVD features little narration, but some key words are voiced in English, Spanish, and French.


The format is familiar—combinations of music, images of toys and children, and puppet sequences form the bulk of the video. In the presentation of the "nose", for example, children watch live-action children pointing to their (and each other's) noses, an elephant's trunk, a clown's big red nose, and noses on statues. Toys entertain kids, and the musical backdrop is the Baby Einstein series' trademark classical music "re-orchestrated" on musical toys.


For the most part, the imagery is mesmerizing. The Baby Einstein series features a familiar format, although some videos are invariably going to appeal more to little viewers than others. Some followers of the series prefer the original videos, before Disney came along and backed the whole project. In some ways, the original titles seem a little more sincere. The production quality has improved, although little ones are not as discriminating as adults in this respect, and don't seem to mind either way. We find both "stages" of the series engaging in different ways. Some specific videos in the series are more engaging to individual children, simply because they are more attuned to the featured content. As such, parents will need to experiment a little in order to determine which ones capture their child's interest. Renting a few of the titles may be a good idea before committing to buy. 


We have our own preferences, and both Baby Van Gogh and Baby Shakespeare (see our Favorite Videos for Babies and Toddlers article) are our personal favorites. We found a virtually unanimous positive response to these videos by our young testers. We find that there were more funny surprises (such as peek-a-boos and silly antics) in the earlier editions in the series (with the exception of the very first title, now called Language Nursery). However, every child is different and responds uniquely to the various titles in the series.


Besides the tried-and-true format, Baby Da Vinci's strengths lie in the appeal of discovering body parts in a variety of ways. Floppy elephant ears are included in the "ears" segment, a toy that resembles a standalone nose waddles across the screen, a spunky "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes" musical video segment spices things up, bilingual language (although very sparse) boosts the value of the video, and children get to see body parts gradually appear as they watch an artist draw them. This latter feature is completely boring to some toddlers, and mesmerizing to others. When kids pay attention to the drawing sequences, they have wonderful educational value, as the gradual unfolding of each body part makes for a powerful impression on young brains.



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Reviewed March 2005
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