Barney Let's Go to the Farm Video/DVD Review

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Video/DVD Review:   Barney: Let's Go to the Farm


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Children's Video/DVD Review: Barney: Let's Go to the Farm

HIT Entertainment

Released: 2005

Reviewed: March 2005

Our Recommended Age: 2-4

Our Rating: A





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Barney is "on-location" in Barney: Let's Go to the Farm, which officially launches the new Let's Go series that takes viewers on exciting adventures with Barney and the gang once a year.


Barney and friends want to pretend they're on a farm, which is certainly fun enough, but with the help of their imaginations, they get to visit a real working farm. Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Rachel, and Jackson are on location, experiencing real tractors, windmills, farm animals, crops, and more. 


Barney and friends go on a tractor ride, hang out with Mrs. Dooley in the farm house, visit a big barn, and more. There are plenty of opportunities to break into song—familiar Barney favorites—such as an encounter with a long-eared dog which prompts the song, "Do Your Ears Hang Low?". There are also plenty of moments for the crew to add educational value to the whole experience, and they don't miss an opportunity to do so. Kids learn what windmills do, how dogs help farmers, and more interesting tidbits. Everyone gets to take home some farm-fresh produce at the end of the adventure.


This is a particularly engaging Barney video. Kids love to see Barney outside of the familiar set, and farm animals are always a draw for young ones. 



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Reviewed March 2005
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