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Video/DVD Review:    Denise Austin's Fit Kids

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Children's DVD Review: Denise Austin's Fit Kids

DVD Released: 2005

Reviewed: March 2005

Our Recommended Age: 9-up

Our Rating: A-



Fit Kids




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Fit Kids Exercise Program


Exercise program for kids

Denise Austin puts kids through a real workout with Denise Austin's Fit Kids, a DVD designed to get children--and the whole family--moving. The DVD consists of two main segments: Fit Kids and Fit Family. 

In the Fit Kids segment, Denise and a crew of kids (including her two daughters) demonstrate a series of aerobic and yoga-infused exercises. Kids do such moves as Superman, paddle boat, and (of course!) the bicycle. Denise is as enthusiastic as ever, and her spiritedness is particularly welcome in an exercise video designed for kids. Amongst all of her words of encouragement ("you're awesome--you're fit!"), she reminds kids that their "heart is a muscle" and delivers other such positive messages. Children are interviewed during intermission, delivering even more positive messages about being active.

The Fit Family segment features another set of invigorating exercises as demonstrated by Denise along with a family.

Both segments feature rather intense workouts, so beginners will probably need to follow the sets a little at a time. Our one complaint is that the DVD doesn't seem to be slowed down much for the target audience. However, it carries a very positive message, and those already familiar with aerobics will have a blast.


Our Rating:




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Reviewed March 2005
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