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DVD Review:    Here Come the ABCs - They Must Be Giants

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Children's Video/DVD Review: Here Come the ABCs (They Must Be Giants)

Disney Sound

DVD Released: Feb. 15, 2005

Reviewed: February 2005

Our Recommended Age: 2-up

Our Rating: A+



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Top Pick. There is a remarkable new children's DVD (and audio CD) on the market by They Might Be Giants and Disney Sound entitled Here Come the ABCs. It is truly fabulous! 


Here Come the ABCs DVD features songs about letters set to fun animated scenes that will entertain the whole family, and educate preschoolers. They Might Be Giants, with John Flansburgh and John Linnell, are an alternative rock musical duo who first ventured into the kids' music market with the album, No!, a recording that debuted at #1 on Billboard's Children's Music Chart. They had complete creative control on the DVD, and employed graphic artists, illustrators, and puppeteers from around the globe in order to create this funky and charmingly out-of-the-ordinary project. 


TMBG recently wrote the theme song for the animated series, Higglytown Heroes, on Playhouse Disney, and twelve of the Here Come the ABCs videos will begin airing on Playhouse Disney shortly. 


One of the truly unique music videos on the DVD claims that LMNO are sometimes confused for one letter, but they're not! Others include, C is for Conifers, F is for Fake-Believe, and ZYX


In Letter/Not a Letter, kids decide what are letters, and what aren't (the voices of children comment on each image with things like, "That's SO a letter" or "Whatever that is, it's NOT a letter"). E Eats Everything scrolls through each letter of the alphabet and their particular eating habits (F, for example, is fussy and only eats with fancy wine; J only drinks juice...but E eats everything).


One especially humorous (and educational) vignette is entitled QU. Viewers learn that Q and U are often a pair, and watch as people with Q and U masks over their heads hang out with each other (go for walks together, play baseball, and so forth). Such fun.


The DVD is hosted by John and John as puppets. This DVD is distinctive, highly "edutaining", and a must-own for families with young children. Whether kids are deciding which squiggly lines are letters (and which are not), or visiting the Alphabet Lost and Found, kids receive an amazing, creative lesson in alphabet and letter recognition with plenty of reinforcement. Fabulous!


If you have a preschooler, this DVD belongs in your movie library. 


Our Rating:




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Reviewed February 2005
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