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Children's Software Review :   The Land Before Time Kindergarten Adventure

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The Land Before Time Kindergarten Adventure is an older children's computer game that is now re-packaged along with a Bonus Activities CD and a set of printed cards for playing a card game away from the computer. "Extras" are always a good thing, but they don't take away from the fact that the feature CD-ROM is not very inspired. Kindergarten-age children will not learn very much from the program's set of activities.

Land Before Time Game PicturesLittlefoot and pals greet children and invite them to click on any of eight rocks that lead to games and activities. Most of the games are either arcade-style or the kind of "creativity" activities that we see all too often in software for young children (uninspired paint and stamp as well as musical activities). The arcade-style games, including one that involves leading dinosaurs over rivers by hopping onto logs and the like, might entertain children for a time, but they are not engaging enough to motivate children to return to them more than once. The pinball activity is fun, although a little challenging. Our tester's ball got "stuck" and he had to exit and then return to the activity in order to remedy the problem--and of course start over again. The "Adventure Stories" activity allows kids to "read" and "write" stories, but the narration of the stories went too fast for young would-be readers to follow, and the words were not highlighted as they were read aloud. 

We liked the second part of the "musical shapes" activity (the first part was far too easy for the suggested age group). Here, kids had to match sounds to objects, and they had great fun in so doing.

The Bonus Activities CD-ROM looked promising at first. As you can see in the screenshot at right, the graphics are bright, and some learning activities are offered. However, these activities are endless and repetitious. There is no variation, no tracking of progress, and no goal. The result? No interest. It is unlikely that children will want to return to the program after the first try.

The printed card game included with the set is probably the only truly engaging part of the package. (The card game plays like Go Fish, with LBT colorful images and word labels). However, it is a bonus, and parents will be buying the package largely for the software program that only served to disappoint our testers.

Rating: C 


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Land Before Time: Kindergarten


For Win 95/98/2000/XP; Mac By: Brighter Child Interactive Ages 4-6?  


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