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Children's Software Review:    My Little Pony PC Play Pack

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Computer Software Game Review: My Little Pony

For Windows 98/98SE/2000/Me/XP 

By Atari

Released: 2004

Reviewed: January 2005

Our Recommended Age: 3-4

Our Rating: B+




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This software program is cute but brief. Young preschoolers who are happy with free-play creativity programs will enjoy My Little Pony Play Pack, especially because it comes with an exclusive My Little Pony figure, Sparkleberry Swirl.


The graphics in this program that brings My Little Pony characters to computer life are deliciously pink and vibrant--very pleasing eye candy for fans of the series.


A celebration for a baby pony, Sparkleberry Swirl (the included figurine), is underway. It's the Friendship Ball, and things are running smoothly, except that the ponies need some help, from preschoolers, of course! Children are presented with a checklist of things to do to get ready for the celebration. Kids will need to help TwinkleTwirl with her dance, help bake and decorate a cake, dress up a pony for the ball, send invites, and help three other ponies before the gates to the castle open. Once inside, kids will need to decorate the castle before the party begins.


Along the pretty path, the featured pony (one of four that little players select to play with at the beginning of the game) can collect flowers for her vase, visit her pony cottage and redecorate (with simple clicks of the mouse), and assorted little activities. There are printable off-computer activities and projects as well.


Each activity is straightforward and simple. Choreographing a dance for TwinkleTwirl to perform at the ball, for example, involves choosing dance moves (such as the primadonna, leg kick, and raise the roof moves) and selecting the music. The pony "makeover" at the Celebration Salon involves selecting hairstyles, clothes, hats, and jewelry for the pony. Baking a cake requires children to choose ingredients and put them into the mixing bowl. Besides the usual eggs and milk, kids can add such things as rainbow berries, magic sparkles, and cookies to the batter. Then players decorate the cake. This particular activity was disappointing, simply because no matter how careful testers were, their cakes looked frumpy. The icing color selection doesn't reflect the program's gorgeous graphics.


The ponies in need of help want children to find things for them, such as specific color socks or items for wrapping a present. The objects are "hidden" in obvious places, in keeping with the entire program's emphasis on easy-to-do activities for young computer users. However, a couple items stumped young players for a little while. Tip: If your child is stumped, look at the bottom of the screen. The items that were slightly harder to find for our testers were eventually found at the bottom of the screen, and one was slightly behind a pony.


Once players have completed the activities on their checklist and enjoyed the Friendship Ball, they can go back to Ponyville and help more ponies and/or replay the main activities. If they want to begin the game again, they will need to create a new identity and game. 


The program is very easy to play, and although cute and well-designed, it is perhaps a little too short all in all.


Our Bottom Line This sweet but short game is ideal for younger computer players. The activities are purely entertaining (they have little educational value), enjoyable, and easy to complete. All in all, this game presents a confidence-boosting experience for young players (ages 3-4), but it's neither deep nor long enough to satisfy children over the age of 4.

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Reviewed January 2005










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