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Children's Software Review:

My Scene Goes Hollywood (for the PC)

PC Software Review: My Scene Goes Hollywood CD-ROM
Children's Computer Game for the PC

By Vivendi

Our Recommended Age: Ages 6-9

Our Rating: B+

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Gorgeous girls and gorgeous graphics...but this software title's appeal isn't only skin deep. In fact, this computer game is really quite absorbing and entertaining.

Nothing like the first title in the My Scene computer game series, My Scene Goes Hollywood invites children to make their own movies, and they're guided through the process through a story line in which the My Scene characters go to Hollywood and work as interns at a movie studio.

The game opens with a video that shows the long-legged beauties (Barbie, Chelsea, Madison, Nolee, and Delancey) preparing for their trip to Hollywood. After "signing" a contract and picking up their studio ID badges, players begin work on their movie by picking a title (such as "Asteroid Angels"), filling in the blanks of an unfinished script, designing sets, and so forth.

Puzzles are integrated into the game at various points. For example, puppies get into the girls' photos, and they need their pictures in order to apply to be extras in the movie. Kids need to put the pieces of the photo back together in time. Another mini-game players encounter involves moving a golf cart through a maze in order to deliver lunches (pictured here).

As one of the My Scene characters says, the game is "a great way to see how a movie is made". Essentially, the game incorporates all of the elements of a typical designed-for-girls Barbie free-play software game--choosing fashions, using stickers to create a scene, making up dolls, and so forth--but it incorporates these elements into an engaging story line and adds puzzles and assorted challenges to boot. It's a well-designed title that kids--especially My Scene fans--will enjoy, and it's challenge level is right on target for children who collect the dolls.


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Reviewed: September 2005

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My Scene Goes Hollywood

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