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Pictures & Game Notes: Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock

PC Software: Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock
Adventure Computer Game for the PC

By Her Interactive

For Windows

Our Recommended Age: Ages 10-up

Our Rating: A

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Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock Game is #12 in the award-winning PC adventure game series, and celebrates the 75th Anniversary of Nancy Drew.

Cast of Characters:

Emily Crandall: Nancy Drew is on her way to the Lilac Inn, where 17-year-old Emily Crandall is trying to manage the Inn she inherited from her late mother.  A mutual friend has asked Nancy to look in on Emily who is straining to keep up with the management and financial demands of the Inn and do so just one month after the loss of her mom. 

Meantime, Nancy is curious about why a girl she hardly knows would want to meet with her. Does it have something to do with the contested inheritance? Whatever fueled the invitation, itís up to Nancy to find the answers and rescue Emily from possible financial and emotional ruin.


Jim Archer, the friendly but stressed out banker. In this 12th game of the series, there is a new cast of characters to interact with and extract clues from.


Richard Topham is an expert on ESP who lives near the Inn.

The Setting:

Lilac Inn. The graphics and sound in the game recreate vintage clothing, cars, radio shows and slang right out of the 1930s.


Classic Blue Roadster. Players can now drive a car as Nancy Drew. They navigate around town by manipulating the car through the city streets and using a map.


Mini-golf.  Players play a mini-golf game within the game. 

Like previous titles in the series, there is a junior and senior detective mode and a "second chance" feature.

See the Nancy Drew Secret of the Old Clock Game Walkthrough.


Our Rating:


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For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Nancy Drew: Secret Of the Old Clock

Reviewed: August 2005

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Nancy Drew: Secret Of the Old Clock

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