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Review: Nintendogs (Chihuahua, Labrador Retriever, and Dachshund) for Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Video Game: Nintendogs
Video Game for the Nintendo DS

By Nintendo

Our Recommended Age: Ages 7-12

Our Rating: A+

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It's puppy love for our kid testers--they can't seem to put Nintendogs down. Nintendogs for the DS comes in three different versions which essentially define the breeds of virtual puppies kids can care for and play with: Chihuahua, Labrador Retriever, and Dachshund.

Nintendogs is truly unique. Kids use the built-in microphone on the DS to speak to their puppy, and the touch screen to pet and give commands to their dog. The graphics are adorable with photo-realistic puppies--and they remain puppies indefinitely (they don't grow up).

Using voice commands, kids train their puppy to do tricks, such as shake, lie down, sit, and roll over. They use the stylus to stroke the dog, who wags his/her tail, trots about, and even moves up to the screen and greets his/her "master". Contests, such as the agility and obedience trials, require kids to first train their puppies, and earn them money to buy more supplies. As children progress, they are able to earn enough money to purchase more puppies to keep the first one company. Kids take their pup for walks, meet neighborhood dogs, find dog toys, throw discs for their pup, and so forth.

Note that kids can choose from a variety of breeds of dogs with each separate title. For example, our 9 year old kid tester played Nintendogs: Chihuahua and chose a Yorkshire Terrier as her first pup.

Playing the game requires using voice commands, so it is not quite as discreet as some other portable video games. It also should be noted that some kids will tire of the game once the novelty has worn off. However, for some children (especially those who love pets and virtual pets), this game is just right. It can be, and is probably best when, played a little at a time.

The game can be set so that the puppy barks when another child's Nintendogs game is within wireless range.

Nintendogs doesn't play like a traditional video game, and it "shows off" the snazzy features of the Nintendo DS. It's refreshingly fun, appealing to many little video game "veterans" and a whole new group of dog-loving, virtual pet fans as well.


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Reviewed: August 2005

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