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Children's Software Review :    Educator's Choice Phonics Excelerator



Phonics Excelerator Computer GameAlthough cartoon graphics are featured, this set of 2 CD-ROMs has a rather strict approach to learning. Phonics Excelerator includes two programs: Vowel Games and Consonant Games. 

Vowel Games is divided into two main learning sections: one introduces and drills short vowel sounds, and the other focuses on long vowel sounds. Kids watch as short words are shown onscreen, and as they roll their cursor over the letters in the word, the letters are sounded out. They play games after this tutorial. 

Consonant Games focuses, of course, on consonant letter sounds. Letters that make more than one sound (like "g" and "c") are taught as well. 

The reward system in these programs may raise some parents' eyebrows. It's somewhat strict for the targeted age group. Kids work towards becoming Phonics Superstars, and even one mistake in an exercise will cost them Gold. They can go back and correct their work, which is a good thing, but they cannot correct individual mistakes. Rather, they must repeat the entire exercise. 

This set of programs is substantial in terms of content. The price is right, and it's probably worth a shot. Some kids adore the program, although we wouldn't recommend the program to children who are having trouble learning. It might be discouraging for these children. It's better for kids who have grasped phonics concepts and who are in need of reinforcement. 

Rating: B 


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Educator's Choice Phonics Excelerator (Jewel Case)  


For Win 95/98/Me. Mac By: Knowledge Adventure Ages 5-7  


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