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Children's Software Review :    Time, Money, & Fractions Grade 1-2



Time, Money, Fractions Computer GameThis set includes a CD-ROM featuring "electronic workbook" pages, as well as a printed School Zone workbook. Three important math subjects are the focus of this very useful set. Kids learn to tell time, count coins, and work with fractions through the CD-ROM's 30 workbook pages. As each page is completed, horseshoes (the theme of the program is the Wile West) on the lower screen light up: green if the page is completed error-free, or red if the page contains errors and needs correcting. 

The format is wonderful: children work through workbook-style pages on-screen, step by step. Each page is graded as soon as it is completed, so that kids get immediate feedback. Children are encouraged throughout the program, but the title virtually insists that kids go back to the pages with errors so that they can correct them! This format mirrors the type of learning that is encountered in school. 

Time, Money, Fractions ScreenshotChildren are rewarded with arcade-style games after completing a few electronic workbook pages. The graphics are bright and expressive. 

Three different experimental activities allow children to work with each featured math subject. For example, kids can change the numerator and denominator of a fraction and see what kind of effect the change has on an object.

The program is designed around first and second grade curriculum. Kids tell time to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour, they compare digital and analog time, work on recognizing different coin values (American), add coins, and work with fractions.

This is one of our favorite SchoolZone programs. It presents a surprisingly fun way to practice math concepts at home. Our testers turn to the SchoolZone workbook CD-ROMs time and time again. Excellent! 

Highly recommended. 

Rating: A 

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Time, Money, Fractions Pictures

Time, Money, Fractions Pictures


Time, Money, & Fractions Grades 1-2  



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For Win/Mac By: Schoolzone Interactive Ages 6-7  


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