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Children's Software Review :    Tonka Town



Time, Money, Fractions PicturesIt's pure fun and games for kids who love vehicles with Tonka Town. Children can drive trucks, such as Chuck the Dump Truck and Patrol Truck Pat, travel around town visiting buildings (with personalities!), such as Firehouse Phil and Larry the Library, and call on Bobo the Boat and Captain Karl the Airplane for help.

Kids sign into the game by personalizing their very own license plate. Navigating around town involves moving a yellow target cursor along the screen so that the truck follows suit. 

Tonka Town Computer GameBumped into something? No problem! In fact, this town is designed for bumping. Want to change the truck you're driving? It's fast and easy, and can be done at a whim.

Kids go on missions. They follow the red arrows on the roads to help them get to where they need to go. Kids might need to collect mail or put out a fire, for example. Activities feature multiple levels of difficulty, and progress automatically as kids play. For example, putting out a fire involves driving the hook and ladder truck to Firehouse Phil. Kids are told where to go, and they will need to spray water at the fires. The difficulty levels change automatically so that kids will at first need to tend to a few fires Tonka Town Picturesat one building, and progress to putting out several fires at three buildings.

Certificates are earned for each completed mission.

This game is not very educational, but it's a lot of fun for truck-loving preschoolers and Kindergarten-age kids. 

Rating: A- 

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Tonka Town  


For Win 98/Me/2000/XP By: Atari Ages 4-6  


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