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Children's Toy Review:

Little Daydreamers: Costume Hats

Children's Game Review: Little Daydreamers Costume Hats
Dress-Up & Costumes

By elope

Our Recommended Age: Ages 3-up

Our Rating: A+

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Dress-up time is imaginative and creative. One of the most-used "toys" in our household has been our costume box. We not only put used Halloween costumes in the box, we throw in any old hats, sunglasses, dresses, purses, and so forth, that we can find--in short, anything that can be used for imaginative play and role-playing.

We've stumbled upon some truly exciting additions to any family's costume box -- costume/novelty hats from elope Inc. They are gorgeous, well-made, and useful for imaginative play around the year as well as for Halloween. The Robotman pictured above is part of the company's Little Daydreamers series (they also produce a wide range of costume and novelty hats for adults). Because of its "boxy" shape, it is made for kids ages 3-10, while many of the hats in the same series are adjustable to fit children older than 10, like the Kitty Pirate hat pictured directly below.

These are just a couple of samples from the elope Inc. collection. The Robotman hat features glossy pink, metallic silver, and plush black/blue fabric. Children's faces are completely exposed so that the costume hat is comfortable and safe to wear for long periods of play. The kitty pirate hat encourages little girls to dress up like pirates. It's stunning, adjustable to different size heads, and beautifully constructed.

Other hats and accessories include colorful graduation hats, an astronaut helmet and space shuttle backpack, more traditional Halloween fare, birthday crowns, royalty hats, diva girls, creatures, and more. They have recently acquired a license for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We are very pleased with the quality of the products, as well as the creativity and love that clearly went into them.

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For more information, user reviews, or to buy: See elope's web site or search for elope costume hats at Amazon.

Reviewed: July 2005

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