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Children's Toy Review:

Word Rummy

Children's Game Review: Word Rummy
Board & Card Game

By Cadaco

Our Recommended Age: Ages 7-up

Our Rating: A

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Word Rummy is a re-introduction of a classic game that today's kids will certainly enjoy. Their parents and caregivers will find plenty to like in the card game as well--it's brimming with educational value.

Players are dealt letter cards, and they create words (3-letter words or more) from their hand. Because opponents can "steal" their words by adding letters to them, kids quickly learn to create words that are complicated enough to keep as their own. Players keep building (and stealing) words until the draw pile is gone. By the end of the game, children will have accumulated a nice stockpile of words. These words are tallied up, and the player with the most points wins.

The educational value of the game quickly became clear as our kid testers played their first game of Word Rummy. One child built the word "rate". Another child stole the word by adding an "O" to the beginning of the word, to create "orate"--very clever! The first child later retaliated by adding "DEC" to "orate", and then was able to keep the new word "decorate" until the end of the game.

This is the type of game that is simple enough to jump right into, yet its sophistication on an educational level makes it popular with caregivers as well as kids. Because it's not easy to create words with individual letters in a card hand, kids should be approximately 7 or 8 and older in order to fully enjoy the game. Highly recommended.


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Reviewed: May 2005

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