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Software Review:    Art Explosion 600,000/Art Explosion 800,000

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UPDATE: The latest Art Explosion release is: Art Explosion 800,000.

Brimming with a wide variety of clip art images, this 29-CD-ROM set is ideal for most families’ desktop publishing, project, presentation, and Internet publishing graphics needs. Loads of vector and raster images, fine art, classic and traditional images, photographs (including a collection of high-resolution photos ideal for printing), backgrounds, technical symbols, and web graphics are featured. Though users can choose to use many of the images for web publishing, those specifically designed for web use are fast loading, and include such popular items as buttons and bullets. A collection of GIF animations is included as well.

The telephone book-sized user manual includes grayscale thumbnails of most of the package’s clip art, allowing users to browse images away from the computer. Once a desired image has been located, users simply determine which of the six categories it falls under, and then place the correct CD-ROM into the drive. This manual is extremely well organized and easy to use.

Images can be added into most word-processing and graphics publishing programs, and are fully editable using a graphics program such as Microsoft Image Composer or the included bonus program Kai's Photo Soap. 

A simple but especially handy feature is found in the names of the images – instead of the standard 8-character DOS file names for images, the ones included in this package are intuitive! So, for example, an image of a man at a bus stop is labeled exactly that.

Win 95/98/NT 4.0, Mac System 7.0.



UPDATE April 2004: The latest version of Art Explosion is Art Explosion 800,000 with 34 CD-ROMs of clip art.


For Win/Mac By: Nova Development    Published: 2000




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UPDATE April 2004: The latest version of Art Explosion is Art Explosion 800,000 with 34 CD-ROMs of clip art. at

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