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More Screenshots:    Barbie as Rapunzel CD-ROM

Barbie as Rapunzel Pictures Barbie as Rapunzel Picture
The game opens with a sweep of the magical castle and features some of the lovely music from the movie.


The Grand Foyer must be restored, through painting and magic, one step at a time. Here is the foyer partially completed.
Barbie as Rapunzel Screenshot Barbie as Rapunzel Screenshot
Once kids have restored all of the items, including the mosaic tiles, the room magically fills in and players can move on to other rooms in the castle.


Children create a puzzle in the form of a mosaic in order to restore the Grand Foyer's floor tiles. They polish it, add frames, and voila! A beautiful floor appears.
Barbie as Rapunzel Picture
Each time Barbie as Rapunzel and her friend Penelope the dragon enter a room, they are surprised at its dreariness.


One by one, the rooms of the castle are restored and children see their progress through this map.
Barbie's bedroom has been restored. Now it's time to search for a missing gem with the oversized magnifying glass.


The garden has been redone using the magic wand, magic paintbrush, and after completing the flower designs and planting the flowers.
Now that everything has been restored, it is time to find Prince Stefan, who has been turned to stone by the evil witch, Gothel.


The nasty witch has hidden Prince Stefan in the Garden Maze. But kids can help Barbie find the Prince using arrow keys on their keyboard and by referring to the map.
Players add the 6 gems they have found to the Prince's crown.


Prince Stefan comes to life. This isn't a "rescue the princess" game--Barbie rescues the prince!
With children's help, Barbie as Rapunzel and Prince Stefan get to enjoy the Masquerade Ball.


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For Windows By: Vivendi  Ages 4-7 Published: 2002



  • See the Barbie as Rapunzel page which includes a review of the movie, available on video and DVD.









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Reviewed October 2002
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