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Software Review:    Barbie Beach Vacation



Barbie is going on vacation to a beautiful island, and players are invited. They can join her in an adventure that leads to the "ultimate" beach party; or, kids can play the game's activities in any order they please.

The activities are fairly enjoyable, but none are especially impressive. Kids build sandcastles and decorate them with flowers and flags; guide Barbie towards creatures in an underwater "photo safari"; assist Barbie in dances (some of which may be considered provocative); take photos around the island after adding characters to the scenes; play a water-skiing, arcade-style activity; go surfing; and, finally, throw a beach party. 

The title clearly states "vacation", and this is what this software title is -- a vacation from educational software. While the graphics are spectacular, the games are only moderately interesting. The sandcastle and island photo activities are easy for 4 and 5 year olds. Some activities, however, require use of the keyboard or right mouse button. 

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  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Moderately engaging activities will please some young Barbie fans.


  • Some awkward gameplay for the younger crowd.
  • None of the activities stands out as particularly impressive.



For Windows By: Vivendi  Ages 4-7 Published: 2002


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 Reviewed May 2002
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